Buying a house

Buying a house in Amsterdam

We have more then 25 years of experience in buying, selling and renting out houses in Amsterdam.

For many of us buying a house is one of the most important expenses of our lives. It’s therefore for the outmost importance that you know what to buy.  Amsterdam is an old city and most of the house a built on wooden poles. Before buying an house in Amsterdam we allways advice you to do a structural check. NEVER come to an agreement before the structural check is done. A famous home inspector is Fred Tokkie. He will warn you if something wrong with the building so you can allways decide if its worth for you to buy the house or not. All other things about buying an house in Amsterdam is secondary.

We can help you with the following thing below

  • Access to all the offers of all databases of houses available, from different recourses both formal and informal. But again the internet is easy to search yourself. A famous internet site is Funda If you don,t want the search yourself we would do it for you
  • We offer you guidance during visits, advice about the technical situation of the object, the neighbourhood, price and the (im)possibilities
  • When an offer is there to be made, we will together decide what the best strategy will be in order to close the deal successfully.
  • Your broker will investigate the position of the house regarding local legislations, environmental aspects, financial position of possible association of house owners, etc. all to avoid unexpected surprises afterwards
  • We give you guidance and advice in getting the right mortgage and notary
  • We are an independent real estate agent in Amsterdam.

Our fee

We can make you an offer or estimate on the services required.

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Buying a house in Amsterdam

Our rates are lower then most of our competitors but our service is outstanding. We speak Italian, Spanisch and Englisch.